Do you fly to remote destinations not covered by the National Airlines?

Yes we do, we can fly to virtually any destination within Southern Africa.

What happens when there is bad weather?

Luckily, we operate out of Zimbabwe where we have fine weather for 90% of the year.
Our aircraft are well equipped and our crew well trained to deal with a variety of situations and whilst emphasis remains on your safety, we will make every effort to get you to your destination with minimal delay.

Can you cater for large groups wanting to travel together?

Yes, with our fleet of seven aircraft, we can use any combination of aircraft to accommodate large groups allowing them to travel together arriving at their destination all at the same time.

Are your aircraft well maintained?

Yes, we do all our maintenance ourselves, we have a well qualified team of engineers and mechanics and source all our spares from official dealers in South Africa and America.

Do you offer catering on your charters?

Yes we do, we carry a cooler box with ice cold mineral water and a selection of cool drinks. On longer flights we provide a tray of snacks and packets of crisps to tide you over.

Are there any hidden fees behind your quotes?

No. Once we have all your details, we will send you a written quote which covers what is included in the quote, and provides details of any extra costs that you may incur during the charter.

What do I need to bring on Safari?

The Safari company you are booking with will be able to provide more detail on what you require whilst on Safari. On most passports you are able to buy your Visa on arrival in Zimbabwe; if you are hunting you will require permits for your weapons. Otherwise a good hat, sunglasses and a bottle of sun cream are always advisable.

Am I able to hire a plane and fly around the country over a period of weeks?

All our planes are hired out with a pilot, we do not self hire. Depending on the time of year and the availability of aircraft and crew, we can accommodate long charters which stretch over a period of a couple of weeks.