Managing Director and Pilot, with over seven thousand hours’ flight time, has run Executive Air for the last ten years, and has been implemental in the continuous expansion and development into new fields in the aviation industry. 

Ed’s visions and passion for aviation are what drive Executive Air to be bigger and better.

Director and Pilot, with over ten thousand hours’ flight time, has assisted in the running of Executive Air and brings numerous skills and great knowledge of aviation and bush flying to the Industry as a whole. 

Caroline is a true inspiration for any person aspiring to a career in aviation, and is highly regarded by the entire Aviation Industry.

Lyn joined Executive Air in 2012 and comes from years of experience in bookkeeping positions.  Lyn has the never-ending and demanding task of keeping up with the continuous financial demands of the various departments within Executive Air.

Head of Training, with over twenty thousand hours’ flight time on aircraft ranging in size from Piper Cub to Boeing 747. John has held an instructor rating since 1976 and has been an approved examiner for the Civil Aviation Authority of Zimbabwe for over 25 years.

Lara joined Executive Air in 2011.  Lara is the Operations Administrator and is the mastermind who oversees and controls the pilot’s lives, all bookings and administration for the Charter Division and Training School, as well as taking an active role in the Marketing of Executive Air. 

Chief Pilot with over three thousand hours’ flight time on a variety of twin and single turbine and piston engine aircraft and joins us with several years of flight experience in the Zimbabwean General Aviation Industry. As well as being employed as Chief Pilot of Executive Air, he has also held the same post along with that of Safety Officer with previous employers. He carries both Zimbabwean and South African Licenses.

Olivier started with Executive Air in 2014 and is rated with both Zimbabwean and Zambian Civil Aviation Authorities.  With over 2,300 hours’ flight time, Olivier brings great experience to bush flying in the Southern African Region.  Olivier also holds the post of Safety Officer in our Operations Department, and ensures our pilots are constantly aware of any flight risks.

Thandeka joined Executive Air as a newly qualified Commercial Pilot in 2015.  Thandeka is fast learning the ropes of Private Charter flying and has recently obtained her first twin engine rating on the Cessna 402.  Thandeka also takes an active role in our Training School, as Ground School instructor, and is in the process of completing her training to become a Flight Instructor.

Safety and Quality Manager. Extensive experience in the aviation industry. Started as an aircraft engineer in 1978 with Skywork Pvt Ltd for ten years, Managing Director Aero Engineering Pvt Ltd for ten years, Flight Engineer MD DC8 & B747 for ten years and finally Safety and Quality Manager for both Global Africa Aviation and Executive Air since 2010.

Dan has been with Executive Air since the very beginning, and has the hugely important but thankless job of constantly revising and ensuring all Safety and Operating Manuals are constantly up to date and compliant with Civil Aviation Regulations requirements in Zimbabwe, South Africa, Zambia and Malawi.

Malcolm joined Executive Air in 2012 as our Parts Manager.  Malcolm began his career in aviation in 1962 with renowned Field Aircraft Services, where he worked until 1998.  From his apprenticeship, Malcolm worked his way up to Technical Director where he was directly involved with controlling and monitoring stores and stock levels. Malcolm has always been involved jointly in the Aviation and Stock industry and ensures that our Maintenance Department is always readily equipped.

Amanda joined Executive Air with the daunting task of keeping up with the administration of our Maintenance Department, as well as assisting with the administration of the Stores Department. Amanda brings a feminine touch (ie organization) to the otherwise male dominated industry!

Chief Inspector/Engineer, has been in the aviation engineering industry from the early 80’s, with twenty-four years working on larger jet aircraft and close to ten years in the light aircraft trade, runs the Executive Air maintenance team to ensure serviceability and safety of all the company charter fleet, and third party aircraft.

Rick is our Deputy Chief Inspector and began his apprenticeship in Kenya in 1964, and is rated to work on a hugely diverse range of aircraft and engines.  Rick has experience on Air Force Trojans, Aloette 3 helicopters, and Boeing 747 – 200 series aircraft, to name a few, and will always have a different angle and interesting opinion on any of the maintenance issues brought into the hangars.

John began his apprenticeship at Mashonaland Flying Club, and after 43 years of working throughout Africa, settled back at Charles Prince Airport with Executive Air.  Before joining Executive Air, John worked with various Aerial Spraying companies in England, Sudan, South Africa and Zimbabwe.  John is highly skilled in sheet metal work, and is instrumental in all of our maintenance and aircraft refurbishments.

Freddie began his basic training with Air Zimbabwe in 1980, including Aircraft Electrical, Instrument and Radio Theory, and has completed courses in Boeing 707 and 737 Type.  Our Avionics department is kept functioning and current with Freddie’s expertise in this field.  Freddie is also rated as an Instructor for in-house training on subjects pertaining to aircraft maintenance, as well as Human Factors and Safety Management Systems.

Alun joined Executive Air in 2016 as our Stores Manager.  Alun comes from a background in Managerial roles, which experience he brings to controlling our store levels.

Jordan began his apprenticeship at Executive Air in 2010, after completing training at Denel Academy and a short stint with Wagtail Aviation in South Africa.  Jordan has recently qualified as an Aircraft Engineer with ratings on Cessna 206 and 210.  Having gained his Private Pilot License in 2016, Jordan will prove a huge asset to Executive Air.

Charlie began his apprenticeship at Executive Air in 2010.  In 2016 Charlie qualified as an Aircraft Engineer with ratings on Cessna 206 and 208, and is currently working towards qualifications on Beechcraft 200.

Ryan joined Executive Air as an apprentice in 2012 and has recently qualified to the status as Journeyman in Airframes and Engines,after passing examinations with the Civil Aviation Authority.

Jarryd began in our Electrical Workshop as an apprentice, and has recently qualified with both Zimbabwean and South African Civil Aviation Authorities as an Electrical Engineer in Group 1 Electrics.  Under the tutelage of Freddie, Jarryd has found his niche in the Aviation Industry and we are proud to have him as one of our highly-qualified Engineers.

Brian and Jabulani control the Technical Records and ensure that any scheduled maintenance is carried out timeously on the entire Executive Air charter fleet, as well as those of our Maintenance Customers in Zimbabwe, South Africa, Zambia and Malawi.

(left to right) Dean Flight, Robert Stevenson, Adam Finnigan, Dean La Grange, Deon Wardley

Our Trainee engineers are lucky enough to be learning and developing a trade under the watchful eye of our team of qualified Engineers.  This is a lengthy program and most will qualify in a particular field of Aviation Engineering within five years.