Custom Made Charters

Executive Air can take you virtually anywhere in Africa. We provide custom made charters designed to meet your individual requirements, ranging from cargo to corporate travel.

- Our small single Cessna 206 and 210 aircrafts are ideally suited to the short safari and hunting bush strips. 

- Our Twin engine Cessna 402 and Piper Navajo cater for slightly bigger groups, providing a quicker service to most destinations.

- Our Turbine powered Cessna Grand Caravan provides a quieter, more comfortable ride allowing for parties of up to 12 people with a large luggage allowance.

- Our Twin Turbine powered King Air has a large pressurized and air-conditioned cabin for increased passenger comfort, this together with its high cruise speed accomodates VIP comfort and schedules.

- Our Lear Jet offers the ultimate in speed, comfort and style bringing most destinations within Africa to your door step