Cessna Businessliner C-402

Instead, Cessna intended them to be inexpensive to purchase and operate. The Cessna 401 and 402 were developments of the Cessna 411. All 401s and 402s are powered by 300 hp (224 kW) turbocharged Continental engines with three-bladed, constant speed, fully feathering propellers. On later models cruise power was limited to 75% to reduce cabin noise. Some aircraft have a propeller synchrophaser to reduce cabin noise and vibration.

The Cessna 401s, 402s, 402As and some 402Bs built from 1966 to 1971 had four small oval windows, which gave the aircraft a similar appearance to the pressurized Cessna 340. Starting halfway through the production of the Cessna 402B the window configuration was changed to the more distinctive five rectangular windows, an arrangement that was retained through the 402C model, until the completion of production in 1987. All 402Bs were equipped with tip-tanks.


- Twin piston engine powered aircraft
- Operate into short, rough dirt strips
- With more space and speed suits the needs of the corporate, hunter and safari clientele

Maximum Passengers : 7
Speed : 170kts (315km/h)
Endurance : 5 hours
Range : 680nm (1260km) with required fuel reserves